Junior Results 21 May 2016

Another successful day for the junior club.
All three Fun Football performed very well today Player of the day:
Thistle Small Whites – Sam
Thistle Thunder – Archie
Thistle Lightning – Ollie
9th Grade Thistle beat Waihopai 4 – 3.
10th Grade Thistle Young Guns beat Southend United 7 – 3, Player of the day Charlotte.
10th Grade Thistle Highlanders beat Winton 10 – 2, Player of the day Lucy.
11th Grade Thistle Strikers beat Waihopai 8 – 2, Player of the day Devyn.
13th Grade Thistle All Whites beat Queens Park 12 – 0, Player of the day Jaeden.
Thistle’s three First Kicks team back in action this Monday at Stadium Southland. Last week’s Player of the day were Cohen, Dominic & Cason