2013 season CSL Divison 1 update

admin January 28, 2013 0
2013 season CSL Divison 1 update


Well as the 2013 season draws nearer for the divison 1 team its time to get into shape for the long road ahead and as mr collins said we need to be ready and not be last of the block and we need to be ready for a call up to the thislte donald grey team if needed so being fit will help them and yourself :0)

we also hope to add new faces into our team and be more competitive in the league and the pre season tourdement in march will hopefully give us an insite on that team in divison 1.

the pre season dates will follow in due course but we think its the first weekend in march for 3 weeks and the regular season will start just after that.

if you are intrested in joining our club at any level male or female please call or text me on 0273 251 036.

thanks darren div 1 coach.